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Now, more than ever, we are conscious about our every-day hygiene and the environment. Cheeky Squirt Gel gives you an alternative to toilet and baby wipes, improving personal hygiene for you and your family.


Turn your toilet paper into a moist paper that is not only soothing and gentle, but also flushable and biodegrade.

Ageing with Dignity

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As we age, maintaining personal hygiene between baths can become increasingly challenging. The risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) and other infections may rise, making it crucial to find effective solutions. Cheeky Squirt Gel offers a convenient and reliable option to address these concerns.

With Cheeky Squirt Gel at your disposal, you can effortlessly stay clean without the need for water or wipes. Its gentle and natural formula ensures effective cleansing and soothing without any harmful chemicals. Moreover, being biodegradable, it also contributes to a healthier environment.

By using Cheeky Squirt Gel, you can alleviate worries about personal hygiene, especially when it comes to sensitive areas. Embrace this comfortable and eco-friendly solution to promote better hygiene and overall well-being as you age gracefully.


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We can't take away the cramps, the bloating or leaks but we can help you to feel a lot cleaner.

When you sore and sensitive down there, you wil love Cheeky Squirt gel.

Ditch those toilet wipes that will clog up your loo, one simple squirt of Cheeky Squirt Gel will turn every day toilet paper in to a biodegradable wipes.

Mother Nature will love you too.

Babies & Toilet Training

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Babies and toddlers can get through countless wipes every week. Don’t throw your money into the bin, a little squirt of Cheeky Squirt Gel on toilet paper is a natural, clean and biodegradable alternative that can be safely thrown into the loo.


Toilet training just got a whole lot cleaner and so did the environment

Gen Z

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As teens are now paying more attention to their personal cleanliness, you'll notice them  shaving, showering, and even more using deodorant!

As they are closer with their peers, teenage girls especially want to feel extra clean and fresh when they get their periods.

Pop a bottle of Cheeky Squirt Gel in to every toilet in your home and educate the importance of personal hygiene from an early age. 

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