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The Bare Beginnings

It all began following a visit to the bathroom at our parents’ home in early 2019. I noticed that they used toilet wipes and when asked why, the answer was: "I feel so much cleaner" "Doesn't everyone use toilet wipes?". 


​Obviously, not everyone in the family was being as environmentally conscious as we thought.   

It was great that our parents and many others were focused on ensuring that they are REALLY clean (you know…down there) but throwing wipes down the loo… Big No No!  


A Cheeky Discovery!


So… we jumped on the Internet looking for an alternative but couldn’t find exactly what we sought! After a lot of thought and research, we created a product – a gel that could be squirted onto toilet paper and convert the paper into a toilet wipe. It was a hit with our parents AND we ended up using it too!

As many of our friends can attest, our family likes a chat! So of course, it wasn’t long before dad had told a few (A LOT!) of people, what we had created. A name was born… Cheeky Squirt gel!  A quick squirt from the pump and you had clean cheeks. Dad had a little giggle every time the name was mentioned.

We started a few Cheeky conversations with friends and everyone around us. We discovered there are generally three types of people: 

  • Naughty Bums: The ones who use wipes because they want to be clean and feel fresh.

  • Traditional Bums: The ones that use toilet paper, because – well, that’s what they’ve done all their lives.

  • Green Bums: People that want to feel cleaner, but don’t want to use wipes. Being environmentally conscious, they don't want to throw wipes down the pipes.


Some Willing Bums!


We found a local Australian manufacturer, (Support Local Bums!), who created gels samples and tested on bottoms across the country, with great feedback! Excitement was building!


The Unexpected…

Then something we could have never predicted happened: dad passed away suddenly. This devastating event affected us all and now we didn’t feel much like doing anything, so Cheeky Squirt gel ended up on the bathroom shelf and sat there…

Dad’s Legacy Goes On

Until one day, whilst in COVID, we decided that if dad knew we had given up, he would have given us a right talking too! So, with the extra time we had, now that we were working from home and not having to travel in and out of the city, we took our Cheeky product off the bathroom shelf and got it off the ground!  


singature louise.png

A big thank you to all who have stood by us through the hard times, you all know who you are.
With love, from our Bums to Yours,

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