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She may look small but Polly is the brilliant all-rounder that’s here to tick all your boxes. 

From her waterproof and feather soft coating, to her outrageously perfect compatibility with Juicee, one kiss from her is enough to have you preaching #teampolly from your bed, the shower, heck girl, even the car. 


That is the joy of having such a pretty vibe after all. You’ll want to take her everywhere. 

USB rechargeable and quiet enough so your roomie won’t hear her, Polly’s 10 modes and non-intimidating look makes her the perfect addition when it comes to spicing up solo or couple play.

Here to start, end or make the night, Polly is so easy to use the only thing you need to focus on is the moment.


Customers buying Polly are also purchasing Cheeky Squirt Gel - 30ml and 300ml bottle available.  Pre & post lovin’, or just to stay fresh on the go.


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    What Is a Polly Pocket Vibrator?

    A pocket vibrator (more commonly known as a bullet vibrator) is a super small and adorable vibe that looks like a bullet and fits right into your pocket – hence the name. 

    Unlike other vibrators, such as a pulsating clitoral vibrator or g-spot vibrator, our trusty Polly can provide multiple erogenous zones with O-worthy sensations. While bullet vibrators are most known for their ability to transport your clit to stimulation station, Polly can also be used to tease your vulva, nipples, breasts and other areas which will guarantee you a good time.


    What Features Does the Polly Bullet Vibrator Have?

    She may be small, but Polly’s list of features goes on for hours (just like the amount of time you’ll be spending with her). This bullet vibrator comes with 10 different modes, allowing you to REALLY get into your me-time. Featuring a waterproof silicone outer, you can take the party from your bedroom into the bathroom. 

    Polly is USB-rechargeable and is fully compatible to get wet with Juicee, our fav lubricant. After you’ve gotten down and dirty, make the cleanup easy with our pH friendly Cleanies.


    What Are the Benefits of Having a Mini Bullet Vibrator?

    Bullet vibrators are incredible sex toys to own for so many reasons. Here’s why we think you should hop on board.



    Pocket vibrators, like Polly, are perfect to take with you on the go due to their small size and discreet nature. This vibe is delivered to your door in discreet packaging and comes with a soft cloth pouch to keep it in. So, you can safely tuck Polly in your bag and take her with you wherever you go.



    Polly is all ears (or vibes) and is down to spend time with you after a long, hard day. Collapse into bed or draw a hot bath and release all of your problems as your bullet vibrator helps you release in other ways *wink*.


    Is Polly a Good Starting Sex Toy for Beginners and Why?

    Polly is the perfect vibrator for those just starting out with sex toys. Want to know why? Despite the name, bullet vibrators are unintimidating, small and straightforward to use. 

    Polly doesn’t like to show off. She knows what job needs to be done, and gets it done efficiently. If you’ve never used a vibrator before and aren’t sure where to start, you can never go wrong with this pretty little pocket vibrator.


    Can Polly Be Used for Couples’ Play? If So, How?

    Polly is perfect to bring in as a third in couples’ play. Let your partner turn you on and tease you with the bullet vibrator, or use it for extra clitoral stimulation during sex.

    Before bringing her into the bedroom, though, always have an open conversation with your partner and make sure you both consent.


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